Miss Universe Arrives December 19, 2012 Meet, Bolivia Yessica Mouton!

Miss Universe arrives December 19, 2012 meet, Yessica Mouton, she is twenty four years old and her hometown is Santa Cruz.

Yessica Mounton lived in many cities throughout her home country of Bolivia. Her favorite way to spend time is with her big family. She also enjoys playing basketball and traveling. Currently, Yessica is studying Public Relations at the Universidad Nur in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in efforts to achieve her dream of being the CEO of her own PR firm.

In her own words

I think that our governors should work in giving better education and health conditions to people, so they can develop skilled labor and generate improvements in the entire economy.

fun facts

If Yessica could meet anyone from the past, it would be Nelson Mandela.

Yessica buys something handmade from every place she visits.

The person who has most influenced

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