‘Mila Kunis’ Talks Career, Fashion & Not Being Recognized, InStyle Australia August 2012!

Mila Kunis is featured in the August 2012 issue of InStyle Australia. Kunis is an actress known her major role in that 70‘s show and also as the voice of Meg Griffin in the animated series Family Guy.

In the issue:

You’ve been acting since you were nine. How do you stay grounded in Hollywood?

 “I’ve had the same friends since school, and my parents gave me, as well as my brother, a lot of responsibility at an early age. They didn’t treat us like little kids, they didn’t coddle us. They were honest and direct. My parents raised me without a curfew. They would say, ‘You have to be up at 6am. When you go to sleep is up to you. Our recommendation is 9 o’clock. If you don’t listen, and go to sleep at midnight, you’ll wake up grumpy and tired, and learn your lesson very quickly.”

What are your five fashion staples?

 “Sweatpants in every colour and really comfy cotton; and oversized, burnout tees in every colour; a sundress; a pair of flip-flops; and an amazing pair of pumps.”

If you could go unrecognised for one day, you would…

 “Go and have a yummy breakfast, walk around the beach, go to Santa Monica Pier, have ice-cream, ride the ferris wheel, watch the sunset, go to the movies, see a stupid comedy, and eat popcorn. Then I’d go home, and watch a new episode of Game of Thrones. That’s a hypothetical day, of course.”

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