‘Mila Jovoich’ “I Always Knew When To Say No” For Flare Canada October 2012!

Milla Jovovich is featured in the October 2012 issue of FLARE CanadaJovovich is known as an American model and actress. During her career she has appeared in many science fiction and action films.

In the issue:

On fighting for strong female roles:

 “I would get more excited about the stronger parts, and maybe I fought harder to get them,” she says. … “I think for the most part, female power is portrayed in the bedroom,” she says. Jovovich has rarely gone for parts she calls “the seductress,” and clearly relates to Alice as a role model. “She’s strong, she makes decisions, she’s loyal, she’s working for a good cause,” she says.

On coping with bullies: “I knew it was so temporary. School is going to disappear, and there’s a whole future out there.” Work gives Jovovich her strength. “The more you work, the more confident you are, because you put the time in, you put the energy in, and no one can take that away from you,” she says. “You leave with the power. You have that now to take with you in whatever you choose to do.”

On being the kind of person whom adversity has honed, rather than crushed:

“We’re definitely fighters,” she says. “My mom and I are survivors. We came to America with nothing, and built everything from the ground up.” She describes her mother as strict and her childhood as shaped by discipline and hard work. “I wasn’t raised just to be a pretty girl, or somebody’s wife.”

On her husband Paul Anderson:

 “He’s amazing that way,” … “He’ll have done this really cute little envelope, and inside are pictures of where we’re going and our itinerary and what to expect from the hotel.”

On her daughter:

“I definitely want to keep [Ever] as dependant as any young girl her age—which is relative, but I have a picture in my head of what that should be.”

Jovoich’s new film Resident Evil: Retribution releases September 14!

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