LL Cool J Takes Intruder Down!

RapperLL Cool J’ has stopped a burglar in his home. He in fact came face to face with the suspect and took him down with his own two hands early this morning this is what has learned.

According to law enforcement sources the ‘NCIS’ star’s house was entered by the person in question in Los Angeles around two A.M. but but unfortunately for him the LL Cool J was at home.

What had happened is he heard some commotion coming from downstairs so he went to check out what it was and that’s when he ran into the intruder.

 It has been said that the intruder had tripped the alarm but LL Cool J who is in great physical shape decided to go hand-to-hand combat on the dude … and managed to detain him until LAPD arrived a few minutes later to make the arrest.

Also LL Cool J is just fine however the suspect — who will be booked for burglary — suffered a few bruises.

TMZ Exclusive!

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