‘LegendaryActress’ Maureen O’Hara Entangled In Legal Battle! (Watch Video)

Irish film actress ‘Maureen O’Hara is embattled in a legal battle against longtime assistant Carolyn Murphy. Her lawyers have revealed that Murphy’s power of attorney has been taken away from her for how her affairs have been handle, now O’Hara is now trying to regain the rights to her own image and name.

In a statement read out to reporters, O’Hara said,

“I trusted Carolyn Murphy, not only as my personal assistant, but also as my power of attorney for the past six years. I have recently made discoveries that give me grave concern regarding Carolyn Murphy’s handling of my affairs (during) those years…

“I recently revoked all aspects of the power of attorney, which I had formerly entrusted to Carolyn, and she is no longer my personal assistant. I also underwent testing to certify my own competence in conducting my affairs, and I am assisted by family members, trusted lawyers and accountants.”

A spokesperson for Murphy told the Irish Times,

 ”Carolyn Murphy has always acted in Ms O’Hara‘s best interest and will continue to do so. She’s dealing with these unfortunate affairs in the appropriate way.”

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