‘Kelly Brook’ Grief Over Miscarriage, Offers Hope To Other Woman!

Playboy model and actress, Kelly Brook is a shoulder for many woman all over the world, to cry on who have suffered miscarriages after she had told her story and heartbreak that she went through last year.

Piranha 3d actress should have been a first time mother along with her boyfriend, a retired rugby player Thom Evans, but unfortunately Brook had announced back in May, 2011 that she did miscarriage when she was just five months pregnant. Brook is now a supporter of woman who has lost their unborn babies.

She tells Glamour magazine,

“I found that women approached me and wanted to talk about things that they’d been through themselves. I think they probably take comfort in knowing that even though you seem to have a very blessed life, bad things happen to you, and it’s not your fault.

 ”It happens to lots of people, and it’s not such a taboo. It’s just one of those things, and probably the only positive thing to come out of something like that is that you can talk to people about it.”

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