‘Katie Holmes’s Joy’ A Sister For Her Daughter Suri!

In this issue of Star Magazine, Katie Holmes is planning to adopt a little sister for Suri. According to the magazine since the time of her divorce from Tom Cruise.


“doesn’t seem happy” and that, “besides her nannies and bodyguards, her only company is her posse of imaginary friends.”

According to a supposed,

 “source” for Star, “Suri has been asking for a sister lately — she’s even praying for one at night, which tugs at Katie’s heart.”

The purported,

 “insider” explains that Holmes “feels bad when she sees Suri talks to her imaginary friends and would love for her to have someone close to her age to bond with.”

As a result, says the tabloid’s alleged source, the.

 “Dead Accounts” actress is currently “consulting with a high-end NYC adoption agency to find a 2- or 3-year-old girl who needs a family.”

“Right now, Katie is in the beginning stages, but her goal is to have a new addition to their family within the year,” reveals the unnamed insider.

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