‘Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelly, Committed, To Adopted Daughter Naleigh, Over Heart Condition!

Former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actress and producer, Katherine Heigl admits that she never did have second thoughts when she decided to adopt her now daughter Naleigh after she did in fact discover that the little girl had a rare heart condition.

The Life As We Know It’ star and her husband Josh Kelly that the child would one day need surgery to repair a congenital heart defect before they left the child’s native Korea home back in the year 2009.

Apparently the couple was urged to reconsider their adoption plans; however Heigl said that their commitment to the child was important to them.

 ”[Adoption workers] wanted us to take the time to [ask] our own paediatrician and our doctors about it and, you know, then decide,” she recalled to Scholastic Parent & Child. “And we just said, ‘Look… We’re not going to say no. Whatever we’re walking into, we’re walking into’.

 ”The beauty is that Josh’s father is a heart surgeon, and we were able to call him immediately and tell him about the condition… it wasn’t about whether or not we were going to embark on this journey. We were definitely doing it. But we wanted to know what we were dealing with.”

It was about four months, when the pair were back with Naleigh, after the procedure had went well and now it seems she has,

“a perfectly healthy heart”.

Reflecting on the moment she discovered that she was about to become a parent, Heigl added:

“It was a really crazy time. You’re so amped up, you’re so excited, you’re so impatient – you know there’s a child out there waiting for you, and you just want to get your hands on her.”

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