‘Juvenile’ Demanding Paternity Test, Child Support Battle, Boys Mother Had Other Sexual Contacts!

 American rapper Juvenile has revealed he is not sure that his child is his my biologically son. Former member of ‘Hot Boys’ has been locked in a child support battle with the mother the thirteen year old boy.

 But Juvenile seems to have found out that the boy could not be his and wants a paternity test taken, this is according to documents. While TMZ has first reported an arrest warrant had been issue for the rapper back in February when he skipped out on child support for the amount of one hundred and sixty thousand dollars.

 Juvenile himself has told TMZ that he indeed is a good father and his son is with him allot. However now he has fired back saying court documents have been filed in Louisianan to figure out paternity of the boy and also his signature is not on the birth certificate.

Apparent Juvenile had insisted that the boy’s mother has had sexual content with at least one other man. His request at this time is a paternity test and wants all judgments against him released and he wants back every dime he put out for the boy for the last thirteen years.

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