‘Mad Men’ Jon Hamm Admits He ‘Drifted Away’ Following The Loss Of His Parents!

Mad Men’ Jon Hamm reveals he had drifted away following the death of his parents. Hamm did become an orphan at the age of twenty and became quiet upset about all of the conversations he would never get to have with his parents.

 The actor had lost his mother at the young age of nine and soon after that his father had also passed away. He had explained that there was nothing that he could do to cope with this.

He said:

“I do remember my mother dying, but I don’t think anything sustains you through that. I think it just sucks. It must be terrible to die, especially at 35 with a nine-year-old child.

“Part of living a life is knowing that there are things that happened that you didn’t know about when you were a child, and some of the sadness of losing a parent is knowing that you are never going to have those conversations.

“You feel very much like you’re adrift and so you do drift away in a certain sense.”

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