‘ JohnTravolta’ Car Theif Jailed, Charged With Grand Theft Auto!

One man suspected of stealing John Travolta’s vintage Mercedes-Benz have been convicted and jailed on a charge of grand theft auto. The Grease actor had parked his parked up his 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL convertible, at the time when he was at a Jaguar dealership in Santa Monica, California in September, 2011, to only realize that when he returned to his car it had been gone.

By the time please located the vehicle it had been totally taken apart, upon this two men had been arrested D.L. Rayford, Jr. and Michael T. Rayford, Jr. pleaded no contest to the crime on 5 January, 2012, but however he had been given sixteen month to serve and also will have to pay Travolta £31,250 in restitution.

The other man Green did also plead not quilt of two counts of grand theft auto and is to appear in court on February 8, 2012. The Santa Monica police Sergeant Richard Lewis did announce the duo’s arrest back on January 25, 2012, explaining that they did indeed hold back the information as their investigation into the suspects’ links to a car-theft ring had been ongoing.

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