‘Johnny Depp’ Set To Pay ‘Vanessa Paradis’ Huge Sum Of Money As Good Faith Gesture! (Video)

Dark Shadows’ Johhny Depp is set to pay French singer Vanessa Paradis a huge amount of money as a good faith gesture for reasons of keeping their separation amicable, this according to reports.

The fact is that they did never marry but he is in the preparation of handing over his partner of fourteen years this out-of-court settlement in excess of One Hundred and fifty million dollars. The couple had parted ways just this week.

Depp has no bad feelings toward Paradis and would like to avoid legal problems. Said an insider:

 ”he will make a generous lump sum payment as a settlement.”

French singer Paradis is also expected to retain ownership of a house in Plan-de-la-Tour in southern France, leaving Depp with his Hollywood Hills home.

They have two children together – Lily-Rose who is now thirteen and Jack ten.

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