‘Jodi Marsh’ Reveals Mental Breakdowns Due To, Tattoos, Cosmetic Surgery And Countless Nude Photo Shoots!

English media personality, former glamour model and bodybuilder, Jodie Marsh admits that she did have mental breakdowns due to overexertion.

 Apparently she had pushed her body too much, with tattoos, cosmetic surgery and numerous nude photo shoots, that she pushed her body to the limit.

And now she reveals that she nearly went too far when she did agree to enter a professional bodybuilder’s competition for a new television show.

 ”It’s been both the best and worst thing I’ve ever done,” the Sun quoted Marsh as telling TV Buzz.

The thirty two year old was to do training eight hours a day, tearing every muscle fiber in her body before rebuilding them to get the bodybuilders’ look.

 “When I told Mum and Dad, they were like: ‘Oh my God, she’s finally gone mad.’

 ”They were really worried the first three or four weeks, as I was losing weight so quickly because I was training so hard.

 She indeed pushed and pushed so much that she in fact started to lose muscle as well as fat and had to go on an emergency carb diet – which meant eating a grueling seventeen meals of brown rice and apples over 30 hours.

 “I did have a couple of little mental breakdowns because I was so hungry and in so much pain,” she said.

 “My friends had to rally round and pick me up.

 “Then about three weeks before the competition I started to feel amazing.

 ”Suddenly my body went into mega-drive, and I felt the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been,” she added.

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