‘Jessie J’ Blackberry Party Stabbing: Arrest After Man Was Attacked!

Man injured at Jessie J’s Blackberry party has been stabbed. Apparently the man seems to be in serious condition in a London hospital following an incident at the English singer’s songwriter BBM party.

 What has happened is that the man in question was thought to have been stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle at the Tuesday’s event on April 3, 2012 which had been held at Pulse which is in Central London for this incident one person has been arrested.

According to witnesses the problem took place around 11.40 p.m. just right after the end of Jessie J‘s performance, which had led to the man being injured.

Digital Spy’s music editor Robert Copsey said:

 ”The incident happened at the end of the night once Jessie J was off stage and she may have even already have left the building.   “The earlier part of the evening was a typical fun show, but by the end tempers were fraying when the crowd all tried to to get to the cloakroom at once and a huge queue formed. Many guests were trapped in side the building once the police arrived and declared it a crime scene.”

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