‘Jason Ritter’ To revise Role On ‘Parenthood’ (Video)

Joan of Arcadia’ actor Jason Ritter to return to his role in ‘Parenthood’.  On the last season he had proposed to Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham). And now as he does come back for season four will all see what happens with his character.

In an new interview with TVLine.com, the actor reveals that Parenthood’s producers definitely,

 “want to use [him] quite a bit next season,” planning to do “as many episodes with [him] as [they] can.”

Going forth he will only be a part time figure. Says Ritter,

“There are so many regulars that I think that they would drop people before they’d add people.” At this point of time he doesn’t know what Sarah’s answer will be,

“I think she’ll either say ‘yes,’ [to his proposal] or she’ll be concerned about some of the issues we haven’t dealt with yet.”

He adds, hopefully, “The great thing about Jason Katims and that whole writing staff is no matter what I imagine my dream is [for Mark], they always think of something better and more beautiful.”

Ritter seems happy to be continuing with the NBC drama, even if just for a limited time.

“When you’re a recurring character, other jobs can come along,” he explains. “It’s tough when you’re a recurring character on Parenthood because nothing else looks as enticing.”

He will be appearing in the upcoming films, I Am I and Teddy Bears, Disney Channel animated TV series, Gravity Falls. Parenthood returns to Global Mondays at 9 p.m. ET this fall. New episodes will also air on NBC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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