‘Jack Osbourne’ Opens Up About His Recent Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis!

Jack Osbourne’ has let it out all about his recent multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The reality star had been given some not so good news just three weeks following after he had welcomed a baby daughter named Pearl Clementine along his fiancee .

 Jack had appeared on his mom’s Sharon Osbourne‘s daytime chat show The Talk to speak about how is at this time to cope with MS, telling that he did in fact go blind in his right eye from the disease.

“Honestly, I’m fine,” Jack told host Julie Chen. “Ultimately that is the toughest thing with this disease that I’m learning – one minute you can be fine, and the next I went blind in my right eye. It’s a completely unpredictable disease.”

He has also revealed that he has regained eighty per cent vision back to his eye, he explained:

 ”They don’t know if it will ever improve beyond that, but everyone’s different.

“Some people are left with a blind spot, some people’s return 100%, some people never even get anything back, so it’s hit and miss.”

He added:

“I’ve been having symptoms for three or four years and not realized it. MS has lots of symptoms – problems with bowels, urination, vision, slurred speech, it sounds like someone is drunk.”

Referring to their newborn daughter and Jack‘s positive mindset, fiance Stelly said:

 ”We don’t have much time to be sad because we have a little girl and diapers to change. So we’re having fun, we’re going to be okay.”

Jack quipped: “You guys are acting like I have MS or something!”

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