‘Helen Hunt’ Turned Away From Star Studded Party!

Helen Hunt had been turned away from a Sundance Party. Th actress, film director and screenwriter The former Mad About You and Twister star had a private screening of a Katy Perry concert movie in her hotel room alone. As she had been turned away from a star-studded party at this year’s 2012 Festival.

The forty nine year old was in Utah as she was promoting her new film, she then decided to battened a bash in which some movie stars were attending. However she had not been recognized by staffers and then had to go back to hotel room and just watch TV.

She tells U.S. TV host Jay Leno,

“(The Sessions) premiered at the Sundance Film Festival… and I had never been to Sundance; I thought of it as where the groovy, young indie kids go – and now I was invited. So I got off the plane, I went to a Hollywood party and was not let in.

“There was a 300 pound bouncer, who did not care about me… He was just not interested. He didn’t know who I was. So I left and went home and watched the Katy Perry movie on pay-per-view.”

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