Greta Garbo’s Personal Belongings Sell At Auction For More Than Expected!

Greta Garbo‘s personal belongings have been sold for one point six million dollars at an auction.She was a Swedish film actress, who became an international star and icon.

She was famous for her films ‘Anna Karenina and Camille was mysterious, but she was also loved. Well the star’s personal possessions which include her sunglasses, shoes and furs, brought in an unexpected one point six million dollars at an auction this weekend, just proof that she was very loved Hollywood star.

Greta Garbo commanded Marilyn Monroe prices today,” Martin Nolan, the Executive Director of Julien’s Auctions, which hosted the event, said (via The Wrap). “Her beauty, extraordinary screen presence and fashion trending style were proven to be timeless in this extraordinary two-day event.”

Among what was auctioned off, were her sunglasses, which sold for thirteen thousand dollars seven hundred and fifty dollars as well as her Louis Vuitton steamer trunk for thrifty seven thousand five hundred dollars, driving caps for fifteen thousand dollars, jewelry set, nine thousand six hundred dollars Ferragamo shoes, eight thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars Maltese cross brooch, thirteen thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, Valentina Ottoman silk overcoat, eleven thousand five hundred and twenty two dollars and a velvet black turban, twelve thousand eight hundred dollars. The event did bring in three times the estimate amount that had been expected.

Garbo had retired in 1941 and died in 1990 at the age of eighty four.

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