‘Gregg Allman’ Sixty Four, Seventh Marriage To A Twenty Four Year Old! (Video)


The Allman Brothers Band’ member Gregg Allman is to be married for the seventh time. The rock and blues singer will we a who is forty years younger than he is.

This sixty four year old has been divorced six times now  and he tells newsman Piers Morgan of his wedding plans during an appearance on his Cnn talk show on Tuesday night May 22, 2012. as he introduce his twenty four year old fiancee Shannon to him

Asked how she feels about becoming Allman‘s seventh wife, the rock star intervened and said,

 ”That’s not what she’s becoming. She’s becoming wife number one. I don’t have a wife. Haven’t had one for years… This time, I am really in love.”

Allman is still married to his sixth wife Stacey Fountain, according to many Internet records. Photo Credit, www.kval.com

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