‘Gossip Girl’ Leighton Meester Wins A Judgement Against Her Own Mother! (Video)

Gossip Girl’ actress Leighton Meester has won a lawsuit against her own mother. She in fact won a judgment against her today, it is official Leighton does not owe Connie Meester any money at all.

Leighton has claimed that Connie kept money that she had sent to her little brother Lex, who suffers from serious medical problems, and spent it on herself.

What had happened is that Connie, the person in question had taken the seven thousand five hundred dollars a month sent to Lex and spent it on plastic surgery, Botox, and hair extensions, resulting in a lawsuit from Leighton.

The elder Meester then sued her demanding a portion of the star’s earnings, claiming Leighton had promised to take care of her and that’s why she spent the cash.

However just today a judge dismissed this claim saying the agreement was false and Leighton walked away with the claim dismissed. Leighton actually didn’t sue to recover any money from Connie, she just wanted a judge to make her mom go away and stop stealing from her brother.

Photo Credit, http://people.zap2it.com

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