‘Gordon Ramsay’ In Process Of Suing Famous Cnadain Restaurant!

British chef, television personality Gordon Ramsay is suing a famous Canadian Restaurant for nearly three million dollars. The ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ chef has put out another lawsuit.

In fact he has slapped his former associate Danny Lavy at Montreal’s Laurier BBQ  with a lawsuit for $2.27 million in lost licensing fees and $503,000 also in damages for defamatory comments he says were made about him, reports the The Montreal Gazette.

Back in February Lavy had canceled his contract he had with Ramsay and then he had changed his eatery from Laurier Gordon Ramsay to The Laurier 1936. Ramsay is claiming that Lavy did defame him when he spoke about the split in an article published in The Gazette last month.

 Now this is according to the lawsuit Lavy told the publication that Ramsay – who claims his role was only to lend his name, image and recipes to the business – was,

 ”too busy to come to the restaurant” and didn’t understand the owners’ vision. Lavy also said the Hell’s Kitchen host hardly changed the menu, failed to provide a “wow” dish and didn’t promote the restaurant properly.

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