‘Freida Pinto’ Speaks Out About, Nude Scenes, The Sexiest Shoot Ever!

Indian actress and model, Freida Pinto discusses filming nude scenes for her new upcoming film Trishna. The ‘Sulmdog Millionaire actress will star in Michael Winterbottom’s Indian adaptation of Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

 Pinto has before admitted she does use a butt double when she is doing revealing scenes like in the Immortals, and she has expressed in a new issue of Esquire that the films crew had helped her stripping off easier.

“It was hard but it was a small crew, and they were good at not making their presence felt,” she said. “They didn’t go, ‘Quick! She’s nearly naked! Get your camera out!’

“If you’re just doing a nude scene in order for everyone to, like, w**k off or something, then that’s not my thing at all.”

Discussing her relationship with Slumdog Millionaire co-star Dev Patel, Pinto recalled how the actor had helped secure her the role of Latika in the 2008 romantic drama.

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