‘Former Real Houswife’ Michaele Salahi, Bodyguard Arrested, Concealing A Gun!

Former Real Housewives star Michaele Salahi’s bodyguard has been arrested, for carrying around with him a gun. Salahi was along with her boyfriend Neal Schon at the LaGuardia Airport in New York when the incident did occurred, TMZ reports.

Apparently Salahi and Schon head been detained by TSA and the Port Authority officials after a firearm was confiscated from a bag labeled with Salahi’s name.

Supposedly what had happened was that the bag had been mislabeled at the check in point and was actually the property of the bodyguard, who is claiming that he does have a permit.

However, these permits do not apply to airports, placing him in direct violation of the law. The bodyguard, whose name has not been released, was arrested by police for criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree.

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