Former ‘Grease 2′ Actress Michelle Pfeiffer Admits ‘She’s Not Thrilled’ By Her 50′s.

The former ‘Grease 2‘ Michelle Pfeiffer actress is not happy to be in her 50′s. She actually finds it very hard to adjust. The fifty three year year old has admitted that getting older is hard to face and is taking time to get used to.

She said:

 ”I am not particularly thrilled to be in my 50s, the fact that it tends to be an age that stigmatises women.

“Turning 50 took some getting used to, but being 50 and the way I’ve been able to lead my life is not anywhere as bad as the idea of being 50!

“You don’t feel the pressure of having to look perfect or to conform to a certain image you might have of yourself.”

She has also acted in Scarface and Hairspray, Catwoman and Batman Returns. She told OK! magazine:

 ”I don’t know if I can get into that catsuit again!

“I would rather play Susie Diamond again from ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys’. She was so interesting. I would love to work with Jeff and Beau Bridges and see how our characters have evolved over the years.”

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