English Actor ‘Ray Winstone’ Really Proud Dad Praises His Daughter Jamie!

English film and television actor Ray Winstone is said to be really proud of his daughter English actress Jaime Winstone. ‘Robin of Sherwood’ star known all dads are proud of their little girls but for him it is so easy for him to shower his with so much praise as she follows close in her father’s footsteps as she is known to be bug on the movie scene. And now the pair will be starring together for the first time in Elfie Hopkins.

Proud Dad,

 “I’m so proud of Jamie, of all the kids, it was actually difficult for me to just watch the film as a film as I kept on watching Jamie and thinking what a great job she was doing, I’m as happy and as proud as a dad could be,” Ray told the MailOnline at the film’s premiere.

Keen to escape the boring formalities of being interviewed and get the party started, Ray made his excuses and headed to the bar.

“Now it’s time to get serious – I’ve got to get to the bar.”

So was Jaime worried about starring alongside her dad? Maybe a little bit…

“My dad is an amazing actor so there were no worries about that side of it,” she said.

“It can be a little bit scary when you’re working with your dad but it’s such an honor that he read the script and loved it and just wanted to do it because he liked the film rather than he was doing me a favor.”

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