‘Dynasty’ Actress Joan Collins Files Lawsuit Over Daughter’s “Violent” Fall! (Dynasty Video)

Former ‘Dynasty‘ actress Joan Collins is set to sue her West Hollywood condominium complex following a bad fall that her forty year old daughter had taken while on premises back in January.

This according to E! Online does throw accusations at the West Hollywood Complex stating their responsible for Katyana Kass’s fall which did end her up with a broken eye socket.

What Collins is claiming is that in the suit Kass had suffered hypothermia from the cold water of the  complex’s pool, causing her to later faint in the locker room.

The suit does go on to explain that a condo security guard and an officer found her,

 ”pale, weak, and disoriented”,

 She had been left standing alone which had caused her to fall face first into the wall. An insertion of  four metal plates in her face were required for her injury, which possibly been bothering since then.

For this Collins is filing suit against the Sierra Towers complex for damages and reimbursement for all her daughter’s medical expenses.

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