Dog The Bounty Hunter: All Grown Up Recap

Dog and family are setting up for a bust of Simone Freitas who is family so it won’t be good any way you look at it. They are heading for Simons last known location and they surround the apartment Leland is in the back.

They show the picture around to the tenants and they tell them that she was evicted. Dog calls Justin the cosigner and Dog says does he want to pay the bond or help him find her. Dog wants to meet Justin at the local McDonalds where they will call her and trick her so they can arrest her. They are staking out the movie theatre.

They get the call that she is on her way. They are waiting and waiting and getting anxious…Justin calls that she is there and she wants them to pick her up. They pass the car that Simone is in and Beth runs her down on foot as she begins to run off.

They arrest Simone who they find out is pregnant. They have her in the vehicle and they find out she is four months along with her pregnancy and Simone is really embarrassed and keeps her head down. They put Simone in jail and she has everyone mad at her.

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