‘Disney Star’ Orlando Brown Arrested Once Again in DUI case! (Video)

Former ‘That’s So Raven’ actor Orlando Brown has been arrested once again in a DUI case. Back in the year 2007 he had been arrested for Mariana possession over in Texas. Then in 2008 he had gone missing and alarmed the Hollywood community.

 In August 2012 he was arrested for DUI in Hollywood, California. Well now he has been arrested once again for an outstanding warrant from his 2011 DUI case.

The Disney star was arrested back in August 2011 drinking and driving under the influence. However he did avoid jail time for making a plea bargain which included for him to do an alcohol education program.

As of now though TMZ reports that Brown has yet to enroll in the class or pay one thousand nine hundred dollars (£1,200) in fines and court fees, prompting a judge to issue him a bench warrant.

Officers arrested and jailed Brown just two weeks ago, but he did make bail. Brown has yet to comment on the recent arrest.

Photo Credit, http://madamenoire.com

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