‘Director’ Martin Scorsese Lawsuit Thrown At Him For Bailing On Movie!

Director Martin Scorsese has a lawsuit against him to pay up for bailing on a movie over twenty years ago. He has agreed to make it twenty two years in the past, this according to new lawsuit.

For not doing the film it will cost him millions of dollars. The lawsuit was filed by Cecchi Gori Pictures — big time producers of movies like ,

Seven” and “A Bronx Tale” — and claims Scorsese entered into an agreement to direct a film called “Silence” … way back in 1990.

However, Cecchi Gori claims that it had been put aside so Martin could direct three other little films,

 ”The Departed” … “Shutter Island” … and “Hugo” — but only for a price.

According to the suit, Scorsese paid for the right to do each of those films before “Silence” — but never forked over the fee for “Hugo.”

The suit alleges Scorsese owes Cecchi a flat fee of $1.5 million, plus the value of his producer title on,

 ”Hugo” … PLUS 20% of his back-end on “Hugo“.

According to documents, Scorsese previously reached an agreement in 2004 to make,

 ”Silence” his next movie. Obviously, that hasn’t happened … and now Cecchi Gori says Martin is pushing off their movie again to make “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Cecchi Gori is suing for the unpaid fees on,

 ”Hugo,” and any other movie Scorsese ends up making before “Silence” — so, basically … a truck-load of cash.

Scorsece has not yet comented.

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