‘Dennis Rodman’ Finally After Eight Year Divorce Battle, To Be Single Again!

Retired American basketball player Dennis Rodman is now a single man, he has finally agreed to sign divorce papers by his who has been in a battle with him for eight years. It had been back in 2004 when she first asked for the divorce then again in 2012 but now it will happen.

In new court documents, obtained by TMZ, Dennis has finally gave up and will indeed sign his signature on an agreement to dissolve his marriage once and for all.

Although there are still some financial problems to figure out such as eight hundred thousand dollars in back child support,
Dennis allegedly owes.

 The reason for the papers being filed, Michelle‘s attorney Mary Ann Noiroux tells TMZ, Michelle just wants the closure for the kids. Dennis and Michelle had been married back in 2003 and they do have two children together a son and daughter.

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