‘Dancing With The Stars’ Melissa Gilbert Visited Plastic Surgeon Just Before She Hit The Dance Floor!

Dancing with the Stars’ contestant Melissa Gilbert, it has been stated that she had visited her plastic surgeon just before hitting the dance floor,this according to an expert.

As everyone does recall contestants who do compete usually lose weight through all the training they have to endure and some they do visit the plastic surgeon to fell a little fresh before arriving into the spotlight.

 And it seems to appear that the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ actress seems to fit that pattern as some viewers who watched the season premiere got a look at the fresh faced and very youthful forty seven year old actress and Radar Online.com has exclusive insight into her special pre-performance preparation.

Not only has the former Little House On The Prairie star been spending long hours rehearsing with dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy she’s also fitted in time to see her plastic surgeon, thinks celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated the actress.

“Her face is surprisingly wrinkle-free for a woman her age. I suspect that she’s had some Botox to her forehead and crows feet, effectively smoothing them out,” he exclusively told Radar.

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