‘Crocodile Dundee’s’ Paul Hogan: Wife Linda Kozlowski , Is To Good To Me, After Twenty Five Years!

The Australian Paul Hogan actor, and Linda Kozlowski, Married twenty five years ago, and they had met as the leading stars of the show Crocodile Dundee, and he admits, that she treats him well.

Hogan told Woman’s Day magazine:

 ”She’s always been too good for me and now it’s even worse. She is absolutely gorgeous. She knocks my socks off – she really does. But the only problem is, with her looking like that, no-one is asking me about my gorgeous figure!”

Kozlowski said that she has lost weight through dancing, saying:

“I feel so happy when I dance and it has really helped me get in shape. I would say to any woman who is looking to get in her best shape, ‘Put on some music and just dance around!’”

Kozlowski goes on to say that she “hate[s] going to gyms”, and just be yourself, it doesn’t matter what other think about exercising, and try to find other a healthier way to eat the foods you love.

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