”Crazy Town’ Singer Shifty, In Coma For Some Time Now, Kept From The Mother Of His two year Old!

Crazy Town singer Shifty Shellshock (Seth Brooks Binzer) seems to be in a coma, and the mother of the his child has no ideal that he was. American music artist has in fact been in the hospital now for some time for unknown causes.

 The British model Jasmine Lennard has explained to TMZ that his family never informed her of his admittance into a medical ward. Speaking of the Celebrity Rehab star’s battle with drugs, she said:

“The family is blaming me for leaving him during Christmas for this relapse.

” At the point of being told she had rushed to his side, reports are reporting that Shifty’s sister grabbed her arm and other family members cursed at her as she arrived at the intensive care unit.

Lennard said that things got so heated

“security was eventually called and [they] were all separated”

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