‘Comedian’ Artie Lange, Extensive Rehab And How ‘It saved my life’

American actor, comedian Artie Lange how drug rehab had saved his life. The American actor, comedian and radio personality and who is best known for being with The Howard Stern Show and MADtv.

He is saying that extensive stint during rehab back in 2010 was a life saver. He had been forced to leave the show in December 2009 for an alleged incident involving drugs, and apparently attempted suicide.

On the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon he had discussed his very troubled past revealing that he only began to recover after spending several months in a Florida medical center.

“I feel fantastic. I went to rehab. I had some issues that had to be dealt with in rehab. They have experts there, that deal with people like me… It was in South Florida,” he explained to Jimmy Fallon.

The comic went on to say:

 ”I went down there and I had a counselor, she’s a wonderful woman, 60 years old, very sweet. It’s me and eight guys in the group… and the woman says, ‘You know I think your drug use can be traced back to [your] lack of self-importance’.”

Lange had been in rehab numerous times during his life however in 2012 this was his first break thru.

“I finally got the idea of rehab, which is to stop doing drugs,” he joked. “A lot of normal people, like you, think rehab is like white [lab] coats… It’s not that way. It’s people [that are] really concerned

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