Comic Book Mogul Frank Miller Sued By Former Employee!

Comic book writer, Frank Miller sued by a former employee. The now movie director is now facing a legal battle by the employee who alleges she has suffered abuse at the hands of his actress girlfriend.

The person in question forty one year old, Joanna Miller has put fourth the lawsuit at Manhattan Supreme Court in New York accusing Miller’s girlfriend, Kimberly Cox, for mistreatment, she is saying that she had been fired as executive coordinator when spoke up.

What the legal papers are sting is that allegedly Cox had thrown a chair and also a phone at her. Also a hammer was taken to her computer, this is according to the New York Post.

Gallardo-Mills’ lawyer, Matthew Blit, says,

“Nobody should have to work under those conditions,” but Cox says of the legal action, “We didn’t know this was going forward because she was offered a very heavy settlement and declined.”

Gallardo-Mills is suiing the Sin City co-director and Cox for discrimination and “mental anguish”, seeking unspecified damages.

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