Christina Aguilera Loves Getting Older Finds The Aging Process Liberating!

tChristina Aguilera, loves the ideal of getting older, and find the aging process liberating because she is comfortable in her own skin. The thirty one year old is embracing who recently lashed back at critics of her curvier figure – has insisted she has no fear of getting older.

The mum-of-one told

 ”Some people are afraid of change and [feel] that getting older is a bad thing, but I really love maturing and gaining wisdom.

”And the experience of being pregnant and having a child and seeing what a woman’s body can do is amazing.”

‘The Voice’ judge also claimed she has no problem ignoring her critics because she is very comfortable in her own skin.

She said:

”I’ve always been one to make it very clear, love me or hate me, take it or leave it, this is who I am.

”I embrace my body, and I embrace everything about myself. Coming full circle is a celebration of freedom and happiness because that’s what [my new album] ‘Lotus’ is representing. I’m embracing everything that I’ve grown to be and learned to be.”

The star does appear on the cover of her new album, naked which is ready for release on November 13, 2012. She said:

 ”It’s very interesting, because I don’t see that album cover as being nude at all.

”I actually feel very covered and it’s all about embracing white light and freedom, and I didn’t want it to be about too much fashion. I wanted it to be raw, real and free and a celebration of life and the woman I’ve become.”

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