‘Cheryl Cole’ Terrifying Experience On Plane Where She Feared She Would Die!

Popstars ‘Cheryl Cole reveals that she had a terrifying experience while on a plane in Germany, at that time she thought that she would die. She was a Frankfurt airport in Germany just recently when all of a sudden a unbelievable storm came just before the plane was to takeoff.

Just over the private jet the storm was and lightning struck the runway just a few meters from the plane. She was so scare she became sick. She told The Sun newspaper:

”We were stuck in the plane and just sitting on the runway and a bright massive flash of light hit outside the aircraft. I said to my friend, ‘That’s lightning’ — then it just didn’t stop.

”I was so scared that I thought, ‘This is it. I’ve got an album to promote and I’ve got so much yet to do!”’

She added:

”We had to stay put in the aircraft on the runway. They couldn’t even take us back to the terminal.

”When we finally took off about an hour later I was terrified we’d be hit by lightning in the air. But I remembered I’d climbed Kilimanjaro, so took a bit of strength from that.”

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