‘Cher Lloyd’ Cyber Bullies Death Threats Against Her ‘Lucky’ To Still Be Alive!

English singer, Cher Lloyd the subject bullying, “It’s a miracle I’m still alive”. Lloyd had revealed that in fact this is true after cyber bullies did issue toward her death threats, and also to her mother while she was on the X Factor. According to the ‘Want U Back ‘singer she had been to put on a front, from sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking of the experience,

Cher told The Sun, “It’s a miracle I’m still alive – I’ve been driven to hell and back. The worst thing I’ve suffered was when I received a death threat against my mum. It was her birthday and she was destroyed. She was a total wreck. I was so angry – say what you want about me, but don’t upset her.”

Now because of this incident she is now campaigning against internet bullying and she has helped out BBC One’s Panorama on a show they will be airing on Monday called, Hunting the Online Bullies. The star has even called for a government campaign against online bullying.

She says,

 “I think these people need help. To do that to someone, there’s got to be something wrong with you. It sounds strange but I feel sorry for them. Maybe they’ve got a troublesome life, to feel the need to pick into other people’s. When I was on The X Factor, because of my insecurities, I put on a front and I was this big, hard, cocky wannabe. But I’m nothing like that in real life. I’m quite scared of what people say about me or do to me.”

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