‘Charlize Theron’ Fires Back “In Crowd” At School Who Made Her Feel Unwelcomed ‘Suck it’


South African actress Charlize Theron tells popular crowd at former school to ‘Suck it!’ The ‘Mighty Joe Young’ star fires back at the people who made who feel truly unwelcomed at her school. The actress who at this time has a role in the comedy ‘Young Adult’ has come out to say that she was never part of the ‘in’ crowd.

She said:

 ”I wasn’t necessarily a part of that group, where girls were happy to have me in the popular group. I had these big nerdy round glasses that I cannot believe my mother sent me to school with.

“I mean seriously. It just made every boy not look at me.”

However Theron fired back in a recent interview, against her fellow pupils who did in fact treat her this way.

She continued

: “It’s interesting because I’ve just recently rediscovered the popular girl in my school.

“She is living in some little dopey city now. I don’t know exactly all the details but I was thinking to myself: ‘I bet she has moments like Mavis [the character she plays in Young Adult], where she has a pang of nostalgia for her shiny days in school’.”

Theron added:

“So suck it popular girl who did not want me to sit next to you at your school bench and made me cry. Suck it!”

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