Channing Tatum Reveals Secret He Likes Lounging Around In His Underwear!

 Channing Tatum likes to be just in his under-ware. The actor known back in the days of his role in Step Up where her met hi new wife Jenna Dewan does go on to say that he has lazy tendicies and the joy of relaxing on the couch at home in just his boxer shorts.

 “I like being in my underwear on the couch. I’m not a morning person and I’m really good at sleeping,” he said.

 “Sometimes I don’t even shower, I just jump off our balcony into the pool. Jenna doesn’t worry, she knows who she married. That’s how I wake up in the mornings, just cannon ball into the pool. It’s just one story.”

Channing, himself also lets out a secret of his talents he has for giving and goes onto say he could have become a professional masseur if acting hadn’t been so good to him.

“I could have been a professional. The only class I really liked at school was anatomy,” he said.

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