Burlesque Dancer Dita Von Teese Crushes On Mika!

Dita Von Teese loves Mika. The American burlesque dancer, model,costume designer and actress did recently enjoy herself with a ”fabulous” night out with Mika, and does say that the singer is her latest crush.

She just happens to be huge fan of the Grace Kelly hit-maker, who had a great night out with the gay singer. She said:

 ”My star crush right now is Mika – he took me out for a fabulous dinner in his red convertible. He was dressed as a gentleman and he sent me flowers.” the forty year old goes onto say that she was star struck when she had been introduced her to ”Hollywood royalty” Lauren Bacall.

She said:

”I was starstruck when I met Lauren Bacall. I met her in New York, through my friend Christian Louboutin, we were at a dinner and she came wafting over and very kindly introduced herself to me before she spoke to Christian.

”I was forewarned by him that I shouldn’t speak to her until she spoke to me because she’s real Hollywood royalty.”

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