British Model Katie Price’ Fifth Breast Implants Contracted Dangerous Infection!

Katie Price, hospitalized after fourth breast implants. The English media, personality and glamour model. Well it seems as if fifth time around was more bad than good as she had contracted a dangerous infection in the days after the surgery.

She had just recently flew over to Belgium for the breast augmentation, however as came down with some illness she flew back to th U.K. Price spent three time in the hospital as she faced reality that the post-operation wound had turned septic and admits goes on to say it was quiet difficult for what she went through to get a new reshaped chest.

She tells British newspaper The Sun,

“I was feeling so ill and feverish that my family called an ambulance and I was rushed to A&E (the hospital’s accident and emergency department). They cleaned the wound and said they hoped it would heal with antibiotics. It didn’t and the surgeon told me that if the infection had spread, he would have to take my implants out.

“I paid the price for the op but these boobs are the best I’ve ever had and I’m pleased. I did them for myself – no one else.”

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