‘Breaking Bad’ Aaron Paul: ‘Someone I Dated Had A Drinking Problem!

‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul reveals ‘I Dated An Alcoholic’. He lets it out that he once dated a female who did have a drinking problem. He did have a role in his new film which his to portray someone who drinks, so he believes he does have some experience with his considering he dated someone suffering from it.

He tells Wenn,

“She was a severe alcoholic and I ended up going to Aa meetings with her all the time. I told her I would go cold sober just to try it. I really tried to save her.

“Alcohol, definitely at the end of the day, destroyed our relationship. Alcohol is an evil substance and it’s a serious problem all over the place.”

And Paul believes his new film would be a good one to show to recovering alcoholics battling to stay sober:

“This would be a great film to show at Aa meetings. It’s not a scared straight story, but it’s about two young kids having issues. I think this would be a good film for someone who has a substance abuse problem to watch.”

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