‘Biggest Loser’s’ Contestant Megan Stone To Be A Bride, Planning A Fall Weddding!

Biggest Loser’s’ Megan Stone has some good news she is getting married. The twenty one year old had been eliminated on the week’s episode and she had arrive back home to Dittmer, Mo., her boyfriend Michael had proposed.

“It was completely by surprise. I woke up with a dozen roses on my pillow and little love notes everywhere,” Stone told reporters on Wednesday about the daylong proposal. “At the end of the day we got done working out and were getting ready to take our showers and go to bed and he said, ‘Okay, Megan, I have one more surprise for you.’ “

What had happened is that he asked Stone to close her eyes as she opened them her longtime boyfriend was on one knee, the bride-to-be said.

Michael is a big romantic,”

She goes on to say that her finance has done his own weight loss journey when Megan left for the Ranch and has now lost eighty pounds. The pair are looking forward to a September church wedding along with fall colors, asking her teammate Conda Britt to be a bridesmaid.

“She is the sweetest person ever, and I just love her to death,”

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