‘Big Brother’ Winner Brian Dowling, Mugged, Knife Held To His Throat!

Irish television presenter Brian Dowling, was terrified as thugs had robbed and threatened him with a knife as he was in an alley. He had gained fame as he was the winner of the UK reality series Big Brother.

He then won the Ultimate Big Brother. It had been yesterday when the thirty year old experienced this when he was only thirty seconds away from his South West London Flat.

 What had happened is that he was dragged into an alley by two persons and the knife was at his throat before he had escaped with his cell phone an a small amount of money.

 ’I was terrified,’ says Brian, 33.

 ’All I could think was, “Are they going to stab me?”‘

 ’I felt physically sick when I got home.’

He then phoned the police, who are now working to find the robbers.

 ’At around 9pm on Wednesday we were called to reports of a man in his 30s being robbed,’ a Scotland Yard spokesman confirms to The Sun.

 ’No arrests have been made at present.’

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