‘Beach Boys’ Working On First, Also New Material In Sexteen Years!

The ‘Beach Boys are working on new album in sixteen years. They are known to be and American rock band, and had top hits such as Little Deuc Coupe, I Get Around, Good Vibrations and California Girls.

 Well it has come out that they are working on their first album and new material since 1996. The legendary group reunited after Brian Wilson and Mike Love teamed up with fellow original Al Jardine as part of a Beach Boys tribute at the Grammys earlier this year 2012.

They are heading out on an extensive world tour in the summer 2012 to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and member Bruce Johnston has revealed the group has been in the studio to come up with brand new tracks to play on the road.

He tells Billboard.com,

“It’s all brand new. There’s a lot of what you’d hope to hear from Brian (Wilson) on there. It’s not a quilt or a pot luck dinner, it’s not like, ‘OK, everybody show up with your songs.’ It’s not one of those kind of albums.

“There’s a lot of Brian in there, and Mike (Love). It’s just nice to know there is a Mike Love and a Brian Wilson still around to write together.”

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