‘Australian Author’ Kathy Lette Is In Mourning,”My Darling Dad Has Passed Away”

Australian author, of bestselling books, Kathy Lette, is in mourning today, her dear dad has passed away, he did so on Tuesday January 17, 2012.

The author’s dad, Merv was a former rugby player, what has happened was, he was taken to the hospital for emergency operation, just on January 15, 2011, but lost his battled, then Lette had shared her grief and agony with her followers on her Twitter.com page.

 In a series of posts, she wrote,

“Just rushed my dear dad to hospital 4 (sic) emergency surgery. My older sister is being a rock. I am a mere pebble. Worried sick. He may lose leg. My dad’s called Merv… Hard 2 c (see) him so vulnerable.

 ”Thank u all for so many electronic hugs. We r (are) in intensive care now, about to talk to surgeon. But your words have been so comforting.”

She later added,

 ”Surgery unsussessful (sic). A cruel irony 2 think of dad, once the fastest front row forward in oz (Australian) history when playing 4 Bulldogs (team), losing his leg.”

Merv, lost his fight for life on Tuesday, and Lette told fans: “Our darling Dad died peacefully today showered in love from his devoted family. We are broken hearted.”

Dannii Minogue reached out to her pal on the microblogging site after hearing the sad news, declaring, “

My love goes out to Kathy Lette  and her family Merv RIP.”

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