Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Parents Thought He Had Been Gay, And Tried To Cure Him! (Video)

The TerminatorArnold Schwarzenegger‘s parents reveal they thought he was gay. They have let it out that as his parents they one time took him to the hospital to try and cure him. What the star has said is that during his teen years his family thought he was interested in men.

Speaking on US talk show.

 ’60 Minutes’, the actor said his father took an aggressive approach and ”ran after me with a belt and beat me”, whereas his mother took him to visit a doctor because she was so worried.

He joked:

”I don’t know if mum thought I was gay, or if she just thought there was something off. And ‘let’s catch it early’.

”She asked the doctor, ‘Can you help me? I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my son because his wall is full of naked men.

”All of Arnold‘s friends have pictures of girls above their bed. And Arnold has no girls’.”

Watch Video, Terminator!

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