‘American Idol’s ‘Ruben Studdard’ Iron Clad Pre-Nup, Leaves Him Everything After Divorce!

American Idol winner Ruben Studdard has been lucky in his divorce settlement, the American gospel singer has in fact lost nothing at all in his bad divorce towards ex wife Surata, thanks to an  iron-clad pre nuptial agreement.

 What has happened is that he indeed filed for divorce back in November which had ended his marriage of three years. At this time now that it is final he gets to keep the couple’s home, the cash, jewelry and property, according to legal papers obtained by TMZ.com.

 All his ex wife will get is a gift given to her a BMW the wedding dress she wore when they exchanged vows in 2008 and a ten thousand property settlement. Studdard has also agreed to pay her attorney’s fees.

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