All Things Gossip Daily Links January 19

Son Convinced Penny Lancaster To Have Second Child Celeb Baby Laundry

The New James Bond Movie ‘Skyfall’ Will Be Shot Almost Entirely in the UK Celeb Teen Laundry

Mark Wahlberg Claims He Could Have Stopped 9/11 but Apologizes Later  Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Sinead O’Connor Hospitalised For Depression Celeb Senior Laundry

Fernando Flores to release Tell-All book About Britney Spears’ “Orgies and Hot Tub Sessions” Lickable Celebs

Twilight’ Kristen Stewart Is To Be The Face Of Balenciaga Fragrance Gossip and Soaps

Quote Of The Day: Taylor Swift Busy Bee Blogger

Is Rihanna Back With Chris Brown? Amore Magazine

Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schetti prepared Funny Celebrity Pictures

Ghost Hunters & Face Off Sneak Peek Videos  Right Celebrity

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